Kent’s Corner 7/19/18

Tree Assets

Perhaps one of the most impressive things Colleton River has to offer both residents and guests is a majestic tree canopy. Specimen live oaks and towering loblolly pines adorn nearly every street throughout the community.  According to longtime residents, the original developers recognized this resource and made every attempt to build the community not “through” but “among” the specimen trees. Years ago, affectionate Colleton River tree enthusiasts embarked on the Colleton River Charter Tree Program to identify, date, and register the live oaks. Effective immediately, the agronomy team will begin cataloging, photographing, and locating these important tree resources on a map to further foster this worthwhile program.  Members with information pertaining to the Colleton River live oak registry are urged to contact Karen Berry at to help assist with this project.

To further protect and preserve our tree resources, Colleton River Agronomy and Estate Services now offers trunk injection services. This treatment is an alternative to foliar spraying or soil drenched pesticides for tree insect or pest control. The process injects formulations of nutrients, insecticide, or fungicide directly into the trunk where it can be quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree. Our teams recently performed systemic injections to thirty pines on the tenth and eleventh holes of the Nicklaus course in jeopardy from Ambrosia beetle. We believe these steps are an important part of caring for one of Colleton River’s greatest assets.

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