Around the Table – Trading Places, New Faces – In the Kitchens

Pictured above left to right: Executive Chef Chef Robert Wysong, Brian Freeman, Garde Manager Chef, and Chris Weil, Sauté Chef.

If you noticed the new staff announcements last week, I’m happy to report that “Trading Places and New Faces” also applies to our culinary team, and the timing could not be better. The softer summer season allows us time to dream up new ideas, hone our training and bring a renewed focus to our programs. Here’s what you can expect from the culinary staff as we transition through the summer:  


Several new members have joined the team, and that’s very exciting! We look forward to you meeting our new crew members and enjoying what they bring “to the table,” so to speak!

Veronica Dempsey
Veronica leads the preparation of employee dining as the Team Meal Chef, feeding 120 staffers daily throughout the week.
Jill Hurley
Jill has joined us from the Ford Plantation, and will devote her efforts as Line Chef to Sunday Brunch, baking and banquet, and event preparations.
Anthony Guiliano
Anthony will assist in management and oversee the Club’s a la carte dining services as Chef de Cuisine.
Enhanced Creativity
With more team interaction comes better collaboration on all levels.
Refreshed Perspective
Our experiences dictate what we bring to the table and “new blood” pushes us forward.
New Ideas
Exciting viewpoints and the exchange of information is the key to our growth.


Commitment to Quality
The only choice for Colleton: Hand-selected Nebraska Beef, local seafood delivered daily, and specific local, seasonal produce.
Commitment to Service
While transitioning, our commitment to your dining experience is our priority.
Commitment to Consistency
At all levels, all the time.

David Hills, Chef – Rotisseur

In short, there is much work to do. But as a team we are reinvigorated and truly excited to provide the very best service to theColleton River Club membership.
We will continue to bring you the outstanding culinary experiences that you’ve come to expect from the kitchen—and we hope to keep surprising you along the way. Have a wonderful week!
—Chef Robert


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