Kent’s Korner – November 29, 2019

Amber Waves of Grain

When Katharine Lee Bates authored “America the Beautiful” and noted the “amber waves of grain,” she probably never envisioned the reddish-brown centipede rough on the Dye Course. The mature centipede complements the golf experience and provides a reasonable penalty to errant shots. In fact, while enjoying the Dye Course, it is hard not to compare it to courses found on Nantucket or Eastern Long Island. As part of normal winter maintenance, we continue to work to control Broomsedge, Andropogon virginicus. This native meadow grass is a prolific seeder that aggressively invades our low maintenance centipede roughs. Along with physical removal, we treat individual Broomsedge plants with non-selective herbicide and periodically mow the high roughs to discourage this grassy invader. During the winter season, along with scattering carts on the low-cut turf, please continue to minimize traffic in the centipede to help the high-rough maintain its density and discourage further invasion from problematic grassy weeds. Thank you as we continue to enhance the golf experience.

Centipede provides a splendid color contrast.

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