Kent’s Korner – December 20, 2019

Assistance from “Down Under”

The President’s Cup recently contested at Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Australia was a great event and was certainly good for the game of golf. While enjoying the event, the Colleton River Club Agronomy team was also watching for ideas that may enhance our own operation. Close observation of the telecast revealed the international debut of the Tacit Cup Cutter.
Following a few days of testing, both the Dye and Nicklaus Agronomy teams have adopted the use of this tool for daily course set-up procedures. The new hole cutter offers many advantages over traditional cup cutters. These advantages include increased efficiency, improved hole quality, and enhanced consistency of the hole depth irrespective of the operator. The vented housing of this device eliminates the vacuum effect created by traditional cup cutters, reduces plug compression, and virtually eliminates the dreaded “volcano effect” (a slightly raised outer lip of the hole location created during the cup setting procedure). We believe this new tool will assist our teams in further refining the course presentation and enhance the golf experience. I hope to see you on the course soon.

Dye Course debut of the Tacit Cup Cutter

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