Ladies Love Libations Kakuteru & Karaoke!

Hello Ladies!

“Ayeayeaye!! It was a blast…. everyone was up on their feet dancing and singing away!! It’s still being talked about in Colleton!” Just one of the countless comments overheard in regards to Thursday’s L3 event; Kakuteru & Karaoke!

Asian lanterns wrapped in cherry blossoms, tipped in pink, floating from the ballroom celling….vases of cherry blossoms centered on tables dressed in fuchsia and black, surrounded by candles, elegant origami swans, chopsticks and Japanese Folding Fans crafted from silk and bamboo…..

Guests were greeted with specialty cocktails of Sake, Lemon Drop Martinis and Japanese Beer, compliments of Bartenders; Joe Incandela, Dave Cornelius, Ken Clark. The dinner was Asian inspired and included tempura, gyoza, Yuzu Cheesecake…. “Sushi was really terrific – it was rolled by Chef Pana while we watched!”

Yes, the decorations were inspiring and the dinner outstanding, but it was clearly the karaoke that got the ladies singing! Each table selected a song to sing and took turns making their debut. Everyone was on their feet singing and dancing and clearly enjoying their libations. After all, isn’t that what L3’s all about? With a bit of sake and wine, the ladies had no problem getting up to sing karaoke! “Everyone, and I mean, everyone got up to sing. The karaoke was unbelievable!”

Party continued past 9:30! Whoo Hoo!!! A big “Domo Arigatou” (thank you) to our lovely Japanese hostesses; Susan Clark, Lisa Cornelius and Debi Incandela! Truly, a party to be remembered!

Save the date for our next event, MOTOWN Thursday, June 13th !

Colleton’s Lifelong Learning Group Hosts ‘Rocket Scientists’

LLG Committee member, Peg Roedel has had a great track record mining the talents of Colleton’s own members as LLG speakers. Learning that ‘Mac’ MacIlroy had written a book that Pat Conroy lauded as “A great book about friendship, growing up in the fifties, and a lost America that will never come again”, Peg and her fellow LLG committee member Gale Stafford worked together to arrange for Mac to share his book and experiences on November 8, 2018 in Colleton’s Nicklaus Ballroom.

LLG Committee members ,Gale Stafford and Peg Roedel, host author, ‘Mac’ MacIlroy.

Not Exactly Rocket Scientists is a collection of stories written by three boyhood friends about their lives in small-town America in the 1950’s; a time when many kids played unsupervised all day and parents didn’t worry because everyone in town was looking out for them. Mac’s childhood was the era between the end of WWII and the evolution of the Vietnam War and the social unrest that marked the decades of the 60’s and 70’s. He read selections from the chapters he wrote and regaled the audience with his experiences during that time.

MacIlroy is retired from his career as an attorney, CEO and adjunct professor.

Members enjoyed a buffet of 1950 food (looking at you deviled eggs!) capped off with angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream and Coke and Root Beer floats.

Operation Santa Claus

One of the most popular charitable programs among Colleton River Club Members is Operation Santa Claus. For almost 20 years, Members have organized this holiday effort that supports local families in need. With the help of area school social workers, families from the US Marines at Parris Island, Family Promise and other Bluffton social service organizations are identified. And our Members made their holidays brighter through the effort that includes providing gifts, food, books and clothing. We always say that we get just as much out of it as those that received the donations!

Colleton River Dog Park

Our 4-legged friends and their guests enjoyed the Grand Opening of our Dog Park! The 1 acre fenced Park includes two separate
areas – one for larger dogs and another for smaller pups. The Park offers dog watering fountains, seating areas for Members and parking for both cars and golf carts.

Kayak Club

The Kayak Club celebrated almost 9 years in existence with a 3 mile paddle on the Colleton River.

Learning Center

Fall is one of the best times of year to work on your game. We are fortunate to have the Learning Center where exciting programs such as PGA Coaching, Bagger Vance Golf Schools, Learning Center clinics, Fall Fitting Days, and Patriot Golf Day are held. Be sure to sign up for the next opportunity to “Get Better At Golf.”

Kent’s Corner 7/19/18

Tree Assets

Perhaps one of the most impressive things Colleton River has to offer both residents and guests is a majestic tree canopy. Specimen live oaks and towering loblolly pines adorn nearly every street throughout the community.  According to longtime residents, the original developers recognized this resource and made every attempt to build the community not “through” but “among” the specimen trees. Years ago, affectionate Colleton River tree enthusiasts embarked on the Colleton River Charter Tree Program to identify, date, and register the live oaks. Effective immediately, the agronomy team will begin cataloging, photographing, and locating these important tree resources on a map to further foster this worthwhile program.  Members with information pertaining to the Colleton River live oak registry are urged to contact Karen Berry at to help assist with this project.

To further protect and preserve our tree resources, Colleton River Agronomy and Estate Services now offers trunk injection services. This treatment is an alternative to foliar spraying or soil drenched pesticides for tree insect or pest control. The process injects formulations of nutrients, insecticide, or fungicide directly into the trunk where it can be quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree. Our teams recently performed systemic injections to thirty pines on the tenth and eleventh holes of the Nicklaus course in jeopardy from Ambrosia beetle. We believe these steps are an important part of caring for one of Colleton River’s greatest assets.

Kent’s Corner 7/10/18

Course Stewardship

Each morning during normal service of the course our teams repair ball marks, fill divots, retrieve broken tees, and rake the course bunkers.   Additionally, we schedule team members to come back and address divots and debris on the par 3 tee boxes after lunch. We believe this level of service helps to improve the golf experience. While we hope to repair every divot, retrieve every broken tee, and fix all of the ball marks, we ask that members remain conscious of proper golf etiquette. Freshly made ball marks are easier to repair than pitch marks that remain unattended overnight. When repairing a ball mark, it is best to avoid lifting or prying up on the indention. Insert a ball mark repair tool or tee at the edge of the indention and heal the mark by lightly pressing down and toward the center of the damaged area. Make several successive nudges toward the direction of the incoming shot and then tap the area down with the heel of your putter (See Diagram). As we prepare to regrass the Dye course collars, the dormant turf areas around the perimeter of each green are prone to ball mark indentations. Please address these areas as you would normally repair ball marks on the green itself.

In the June 30, 2017 addition of Kent’s Korner, we addressed the need to properly dispose of broken tees when a trash receptacle is not available. At the time we asked players to avoid discarding them on the low-cut teeing surfaces where they could potentially damage a reel mower. To help facilitate this process, we will soon be installing broken tee caddies on the first tees and the par three tees on both golf courses (See attached photo). These inconspicuous containers are set below grade and are designed to look like a sprinkler head. Please do your part to keep Colleton River Club pristine and dispose of tee litter appropriately. Thank you for your kind stewardship of the course. 

Tee caddy adjacent to the par three 13th tee on the Dye Course.